How many times have customers experienced a contractor pulling up to their yard, jumping out of their truck as garbage fell out, dressed in dirty clothes, and shakes the customer’s hand with a dirty hand. That is the start to the process of the majority of concrete contractors. It doesn’t show much improvement after that either, with quotes that are unrealistic and written on a ‘bar napkin’ to no one answering the calls on warranty.

At iConstruction, we provide a process that is dependable and far superior to that of any other. We provide a process and service that will develop into long lasting relationships.


1. First Meeting
When you call us, we will ask a few questions to see what your interests are. We will then schedule a time for one of our PROFESSIONAL representatives to come out to your home to meet.

During our initial meeting, we will go over what you are looking to be done on your property and how iConstruction can assist you in it. We ask that all decision makers be present for this meeting, as it decreases replication in this process.

2. Thinking & Planning
Now it’s time to plan exactly what you want. With so many options and styles out there for how to do your driveways, sidewalks, and patios; we are here to help decide on what will look and function the best.

At this time, we will also begin to look at budgetary numbers as to what your project will cost. We will be able to offer solutions based on not only need and aesthetics, but budget as well.

We understand that many people are on a budget, and that is why one of our core values is STEWARDSHIP. We will not try to sell you something you do not want or need. We want to sell you what you can afford.

3. Finalizing the Plan, Budget, and Contract
At this stage we can make all product and design choices and exchange that information via email or phone. Once we have reached all the necessary conclusions we’ll draft a final proposal and contract.
We will then contact you to set up a time to present the final plan and costs. You will receive a detailed estimate of costs as well as the scope of work being performed.

The final result of our planning process is that you will have a solid construction budget number based on your initial budget figure, and the excitement and anticipation of a dream that is about to unfold.

If your decision is to go forward with the project, 30 days prior to construction we’ll require a signed contract and 50% deposit with the possibility of progress draws throughout construction. Specific material selections will be finalized, and a time slot for your job will be reserved in our schedule and you will be given a start date for your project. Don’t be misled by previous experience; when we give you a start date that is your start date. We strongly believe in INTEGRITY, and even in our promise of starting your project!

4. Construction Time
At this time we’ll introduce you to your project manager and exchange contact information. Throughout your build you will have the same professional manager which will make the relationship enjoyable and the project process efficient. If at any time you have a question about construction timeline, add-ons, or material feel free to ask the manager.

As we begin the build process, we will be bringing in different crews and heavy equipment and material onto your property and forming work-related staging areas that will create an impact. Your property will become an active construction zone, and there will be obvious alteration to your property at first! The extent of this phase is often underestimated by our clients. We can assure you that this is a normal part of the build process and once completed, will be a distant memory!

5. Final Product
Now it is time to enjoy! With the project complete, we will schedule a time with you and your project manager to meet and view the final product. This time is spent to assure the QUALITY is first class, and to educate on the proper care of your investment.

They will also go over iConstruction’s warranty program, to ensure you are informed on how it works. You will also receive a ‘Warranty Certificate’ from iConstruction, and further information on cost saving ways to provide the ultimate care for your investment.

Now we know that this process might seem time consuming or daunting, but it’s not!! The pre-construction steps can be handled in a matter of a couple hours or a couple weeks. That all depends on our customer’s initial budget and interest. The one thing we can guarantee is that when it is through, it will be an unprecedented process in the concrete industry.