Importance of Washing & Sealing

The importance of sealing concrete is much more tan simply for aesthetic reasons. Calgary weather contributes to deteriorating concrete. Because of the type of weather we have in calgary, we use salts and de-icers on the road ways that increase the freeze/thaw conditions on concrete. Road slush that accumulates on driveways can increase the deterioration as well. The best method of protecting is with a yearly sealing of the surface. Water penetration is minimized with yearly sealing of concrete.

Other promoters of concrete deterioration is: Lawn fertilizer, pooling or standing water that is exposed to freeze/thaw conditions, improper surface water management, zero lot clearance for snow management, and UV damage. Sealing provides protection that helps protect your investment. Sealing your driveway is a small cost compared to repairing or replacing damaged concrete.

Exposed aggregate and other decorative concrete should be sealed each year. The curb appeal is greatly noticeable with a maintained driveway versus a non-sealed driveway. Vehicles may leave oil deposits or rust stains that penetrate the surface. Sealers add protection that prevents absorption of surface issues.

There are many sealers available out there. The generic sealers found at local home building supply stores are usually overpriced and inadequate for yearly protection. Construction grade sealers are supplied to concrete specialist stars for contractors and home owners. There are many types of sealers and options. Some can be high gloss, low gloss, tinted, lip resistant additives, different levels of UV protection, and different amounts of solids added and different levels of penetrating features.

Prior to sealing, the surface should be cleaned properly. Using a garden hose does not have the proper pressure to remove imbedded oils and dirt. A pressure washer is a proper way to quickly wash the surface, and ensure that it is clean. The surface needs to be COMPLETELY dry before sealing to ensure the sealer adheres to the surface.

Sealing can be a timely process for any homeowner, but it is well worth the investment. At iConstruction, we can assist you to seal your driveway, patios, steps, and walkways. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your project is done efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Give us a call today: 1-587-390-7227